Sunday, October 29, 2006

Windy day, to say the least

In the northeast yesterday and today, we've had a very strong storm go through. The winds have been gusting in excess of 50 mph. One gust yesterday blew our very heavy gas barbecue right off the patio. I figured it would be fun to go down to the shore and get some video of the conditions there. The wind was blowing so strongly, I had trouble keeping my footing, and even breathing when facing into it.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

640x480 test

Want to see how this appears on blip and blog.
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Thursday, October 26, 2006

So bummed...

I got the first spam on my "private" email today. Sigh... I hope some spambot hasn't sniffed my email address somehow from the comments I make on other people's blogs. I'm pretty sure you can't get it from this blog or my profile.

Oh well, it couldn't last forever...maybe I should move over to my gmail account. At least they have spam filters. My current web/email provider doesn't that I know of.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dave's 1964 Sunbeam Tiger

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we visited our friends Barb and Dave in northern Mass. on the way home from Maine last weekend. Dave's hobby is restoring collectible cars. He gave me a little tour of his 1964 Sunbeam Tiger. This baby has a 300+ horsepower engine on a frame that's only slightly larger than a golf cart! Unfortunately, I didn't bring the camera when he took me for a ride. Probably a good thing, however, as the acceleration would have snapped the camera right out of my hands. My neck still hurts!
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The Promenade - Portland, Maine

Sorry for this being out of order. This is a bit of video from a section of Portland, ME called The Promenade. I'm not sure my camera did justice to the view. It's quite breathtaking.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Autumn Sunday - Barb & Dave's yard

On our way home from Portland, Maine on Sunday, we stopped to see our friends Barb & Dave, who live in Massachusetts not far from Newburyport.  Barb has done a great job with landscaping her back yard, and although it was a little past peak color for the foliage, it still looked pretty nice.  I just walked around and tried to capture a little of the quiet ambience of a New England autumn Sunday.  Luckily for you, I kept my yap shut and let Nature do the talking.  I'm working on finding some appropriate background music.

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Friday, October 20, 2006

BLOGtoberfest 2006

Just got home from Boston and BLOGtoberfest. I'm kind of disappointed in the video quality. It looks a lot better on the camera than it does on the computer screen. There was very little light as you can see. The photos (see previous entry on my blog) came out a lot better.

Jenny Frazier (alleyesonjenny) did a great job organizing this meetup. It was nice to get some chat time with Steve Garfield, and great to meet Karen Gilbert of RumorGirls, along with their producer Frank. And nice to meet so many other nice folks. Bloggers are the nicest people!

I'm hoping we can get together a compendium of everyone's photos and video.


blogtoberfest 002

blogtoberfest 002
Originally uploaded by jc_091447.

Steve Garfield, Karen Gilbert of and me. One of several photos taken tonight at BLOGtoberfest in Boston. Great party, Jenny (of AllEyesOnJenny). Thanks for organizing it. I'm so glad you convinced me to sign up. It was great meeting so many different people. I'm surprised I was the only one vlogging! See later posts here for video.

Monday, October 16, 2006

House Tour 4 - The Fortress of Solitude

This segment starts off the inside tour of the house with my office, which I'm so proud to have cleaned up over the weekend so it's not a total crack crib anymore. Sorry not to have posted lately, but I've been waiting for my new camera and 4 GB memory chip to come it.

The camera arrived on Friday and today the chip finally arrived, so I'm kickin' it now! For those interested in equipment, it's a Canon A630 8 mpixel camera that takes great video. The 4 gig chip will hold about 50 minutes of 320x240 video. I'm taking it to BLOGtoberfest in Boston this Thursday, so I'm hoping to have a lot of really fun video to post for you on Friday. There are a lot of cool bloggers, vloggers and podcasters coming from all over New England and Boston. East Coast fo'evah, peeps!

joe c.


Thursday, October 12, 2006

Back soon...

Hey, thanks for all the views. I'm expecting delivery soon (maybe tomorrow?) on a new Canon A630 camera so I won't have keep borrowing my daughter's camera to make vlogs. Got a 4 gig memory card, too, so I'll be able to capture lots of video. Yeah, they definitely upsold me at AbesOfMaine on that order. :)

Next Thursday, the 19th, I'll be at BLOGtoberfest in Boston, and making video to post here. Should be a really kick-ass party. Lots of cool folks coming, including RumorGirls from Portland, Maine. If you're a blogger in New England, and especially Boston, come on down. Since I'm driving in from southeast Connecticut, I'm staying over at a nearby hotel, so who knows, there may be an after-party, too!

I'd like to add another house tour segment before the BLOGtoberfest entries. If the camera arrives on time, I should be able to. Any particular requests on what to cover? Probably going inside next time.

Monday, October 02, 2006

House Tour 3 - Alternative siding treatments

I took a ride down to the shore to show you a house that has a little different way of flaring out the siding shingles. I was fortunate enough to catch a really beautiful sunset, which I just had to get some footage of. So, it's less about the architecture than about the sunset, but what the hey...

Hope you enjoy

Sunday, October 01, 2006

House Tour 2 - Shingle-style Architecture

There were a lot of things I flat forgot to talk about in the first video, so I'm going over the outside, pointing out the things that make the house an example of "Shingle-Style" architecture.
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House Tour 1 - the outside

A friend of mine visited this summer and we gave him the tour. He wanted us to capture this in pictures or video, so his wife could see it. She is quite a house design maven, it turns out. So, here is the first part of our tour, which is the outside of the property.