Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Wanted: Rails web designer/HTML coder

I have a little social media/network project of my own going that I'm building in Ruby on Rails. I am a veteran software engineer, project leader and former CTO of a successful medical imaging company. I can design and code circles around most anyone, and have been doing object-oriented design and architecture since the term was invented in the 80s. I have taken multiple product ideas from initial prototype to product. But... in all my years of work, I never really had a talent for web page design or learned the ins and outs of CSS, client-side scripting, etc. That always seemed to be someone else's job.

If you know Rails, you know that building the "view" pages requires graphic design talent, a good knowledge of HTML/CSS and just a smidgen of Ruby/Rails to call the controller functions to fill out the content. The controller and model code is something I am very comfortable with, although I'm still learning Ruby. But creating a decent looking, easy-to-use web page that works for all browsers is something I have neither the artistic talent nor the time to pick up from scratch on my own, although I would love, love to learn about it.

I am looking for someone who does have those design and HTML skills to work with me on this project. In a sense, I'll trade my programming knowledge, if you care to pick it up, for your page and site building knowledge.

Make no mistake, this is a no-pay, sweat equity, bootstrap proposition. In return for a reasonable share in whatever may come of this idea, I need really no more than a few hours a week of your time to carry the ball on the design and HTML end. I have no VC nor angel funding, nor do I want any at this time. I can afford to work for myself and finance an initial alpha site for a while, but I need your design and HTML expertise to do it.

If you're interested, email me at joec0914 [at] and have some examples of your work that I can take a look at.


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