Thursday, October 12, 2006

Back soon...

Hey, thanks for all the views. I'm expecting delivery soon (maybe tomorrow?) on a new Canon A630 camera so I won't have keep borrowing my daughter's camera to make vlogs. Got a 4 gig memory card, too, so I'll be able to capture lots of video. Yeah, they definitely upsold me at AbesOfMaine on that order. :)

Next Thursday, the 19th, I'll be at BLOGtoberfest in Boston, and making video to post here. Should be a really kick-ass party. Lots of cool folks coming, including RumorGirls from Portland, Maine. If you're a blogger in New England, and especially Boston, come on down. Since I'm driving in from southeast Connecticut, I'm staying over at a nearby hotel, so who knows, there may be an after-party, too!

I'd like to add another house tour segment before the BLOGtoberfest entries. If the camera arrives on time, I should be able to. Any particular requests on what to cover? Probably going inside next time.


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