Monday, October 16, 2006

House Tour 4 - The Fortress of Solitude

This segment starts off the inside tour of the house with my office, which I'm so proud to have cleaned up over the weekend so it's not a total crack crib anymore. Sorry not to have posted lately, but I've been waiting for my new camera and 4 GB memory chip to come it.

The camera arrived on Friday and today the chip finally arrived, so I'm kickin' it now! For those interested in equipment, it's a Canon A630 8 mpixel camera that takes great video. The 4 gig chip will hold about 50 minutes of 320x240 video. I'm taking it to BLOGtoberfest in Boston this Thursday, so I'm hoping to have a lot of really fun video to post for you on Friday. There are a lot of cool bloggers, vloggers and podcasters coming from all over New England and Boston. East Coast fo'evah, peeps!

joe c.



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