Sunday, October 21, 2007

Boston Startup Weekend 2007 - Saturday afternoon

Over the course of this weekend, a group of people of varied talents and experience are attempting to build the first version of a for-profit website. It's called Startup Weekend Boston.

They started Friday and are still working as I upload this on Sunday morning. I know a few of the people involved, so I drove up Saturday afternoon and spent a little time getting some video tastes of what's going on. It's impressive what you can do in a few hours when you really put your mind to it, and most importantly forget about all the organizational and political bullshit that goes on in most corporate development. When everyone is most concerned and personally committed to getting things done rather than polishing their own apple, things happen quickly.

The first job was to come up with the product idea and give it name. They chose DeskHappy and have the site up and running now at It will remind people to take periodic stretching breaks and lead them, using video and text, through a short yoga routine at each break. Startup Weekends take place in different cities. Check it out at


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